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Negative Pressure fan—AC Belt Drive Motor

  1. The 6-bladed propeller is made of aluminium/magnesium alloy.
  2. The fanblade and mounting supports are made in diecast aluminium alloy. Abslutely rustproof.

Main part Specification

Model Belt Drive type
Item No. TB-A650E-S
Frame size (L*W*H) 138*138*40cm
Import size (L*W) 125*125cm
Export size (L*W) 126*126cm
Main Material Aluminium/Magnesium alloy
Blade 6- Blade / Aluminum
Noise 65~75dB
Air extraction volume 42,000 m3/hr

Power Source

Watts 1.1KW
Motor 1.5HP / Belt Drive Motor / 4P
Voltage 220V / 380V / three phase