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Positive pressure fan—Turbo Type

  1. The fan blows the farthest distance
  2. Speedup indoor air circulation
  3. If customer need that it can be modified into a suspended.
  4. Perfect installation in indoor workspace.
  5. There are two main material can be choose.

Main part Specification

Model Turbo-type
Item No. MD-N742B-U
Frame size (L*W*H) 116 x 60 cm
Export size (Ø) 108cm
Main Material FRP / Baking Finish
Blade 7- Blade / Nylon
Noise 60~65dB
Range 25~30M

Motor Specification

Watts 1.0KW
Motor 1.0HP / AC motor / 12P
Voltage Customized Service / three phase