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Electric Shutter ( Patented product)

  1. When temperature decreases, the shutter can be a normal air outlet. The shutter combines with ventilation fan can save energy and cost as well as extend service life of motor.

Patent number: PAT.M326066/M299773

Model Electric PVC Shutter
Item No. VL-SP4
Stock size (L*W) : (1).134*134cm (for 54 inch fan)
(2).117*117cm (for 46 inch fan)
(3).98*98cm (for 42 inch fan)
(4).71*71cm (for 28 inch fan)

Model Electric Aluminum Shutter
Item No. VL-SP2
Switch Type IR Remote
Stock size (L*W) : (1).134*134cm (for 54 inch)
(2).117*117cm (for 46 inch)
(3).98*98cm (for 42 inch fan)
(4).71*71cm (for 28 inch fan)

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